by Wynyard Browne

Rev. Martin Gregory David Carter
Jeeny, his elder daughetr Frances Yunnie
Margaret his younger daughter Margaret Maskell
Mick, his son Martin Edwards
Aunt Lydia, his sister-in-law Nan Armitage
Aumnt Bridget, his sister Edith Allen
Richard Wyndham, cousin of
his late wife
Don Edwards
David Patterson John Yunnie

Producer Peter Beck
Stage Management David Carter
  Desmond Smith
Properties Vera & Bill Newbold
Prompt Joy Newbold
Wardrobe Margery Stoneham
Lighting Andrew Cook

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14th, 16th and 17th January 1970
Extract from The Bedfordshire Times by Dina Morris.
Members of the cast in the Wesley Players' production of The Holly and The Ivy. From left, standing, David Carter, Don Edwards, Martin Edwards and John Yunnie; seated, Margaret Maskell, Frances Yunnie, Edith Allen and Nan Armitage.
Life at the

CHILDREN, young or old are a problem. And if they are the children of the local vicar, the problem can be greater — especially if one, a modern miss in furs and pearls, is an alcoholic.

In Wednesday's presentation by the Wesley Players of The Holly and The Ivy, at Priory Methodist Church, Bedford, the vicar was played by David Carter. careworn, thoughtful —and on occasions inaudible.

His daughters Jenny, single, 34, and Margaret, the attractive alcoholic, were played by Frances Yunnie and Margaret Maskell. His son, Mick, in the army, who hitch-hiked his way to present more problems to his father, was played by Martin Edwards.

Jenny was cold and lost, it contrast to Margaret, the daughter with a zest for living. Mick was a typical army-type son, in (crested in life but with couldn't-care-less attitude to the problems of getting through it.

Wynyard Brown's play set ii this vicarage in Norfolk gave them a sound verbal base.

The set was excellent. The point at which this production fell down was its inability to provide complete continuity.

This play is strong theatre, but unfortunately the cast never attained the strength inherent in the writing.

I liked Nan Armitage, as Aunt Lydia, and I liked that amazing impression of life as a journalist provided by Margaret Maskell as the alcoholic.

The vicar was a little too weary for me. David Carter did a good job but I thought he might have given vent to a little more emotion.

Production by Peter Beck was somewhat uneven. This was not the vicar's annual fete. A good insight from Mr. Beck, just the same, into the aloofness of vicarage life.


Rev. Martin Gregory, David Carter; Jenny, his elder daughter, Frances Yunnie; Margaret, his younger daughter, Margaret Maskell; Mick, his son, Martin Edwards; Aunt Lydia, his sister-in-law, Nan Armitage; Aunt Bridget, his sister, Edith Allen; Richard Wyndham, cousin of his late wife, Don Edwards; David Patterson, John Yunnie; producer, Peter Beck; stage management, David Carter and Desmond Smith; properties, Vera and Bill Newbold; prompt, Joy Newbold; wardrobe, Margery Stoneham; lighting, Andrew Cook.

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