Over the 18 years that the Wesley Players were active the following plays were performed, religious plays are marked 'R':

1966 R Pray For A Wind. 1976 R Jesus of Nazareth This Is Your Life
  R The Boy With A Cart     The Chiltern Hundreds.
1967   Sundown On The Dispossessed 1977   The Hollow.
1968   2 x 1 Act plays:- 1977 R Repeat of The Vigil
    1. The Rose And Crown. 1978   Mr. Pim Passes By.
    2. This Desirable Cottage     Lord Arthur Savile's Crime.
1968   Hong Kong Adventure   R A Passion Phantasy
  R Demonstrator On Trial (written & produced by Tony Armstrong)    

1) The Lonely Place (In Aid Of Helen Jackman's Memorial Fund)

1969 R The Vigil ( Performed in St. Peters Church )    

2) The Girl With The Light.

1970   The Holly And The Ivy. 1979   An Inspector Calls.
    Quiet Weekend.     The Man Outside.
1971   The Browning Version. 1980   Laburnum Grove.
    Time For Bed.   R Night on the Hill
  R Night On The Hill     1. Uncle Midnight
    Demonstrator On Trial (written & produced by Tony Armstrong)     2. The Rose & Crown
1972 R The Coventry Nativity Play 1981   George And Margaret.
    The House By The Lake.     1. The House at Bethany
    The Passing Of The Third Floor Back.     2. The Centurion
1973   Spring And Port Wine. 1982   The Family.
  R The Victory Of The Cross.     The House On The Cliff.
    A Variety Night 1983 R 1. A Passion Mediation
1974   The Family.   R 2. The Last Enemy.
    Busybody.     Laburnam Grove
1975 R The Trial.     The House On The Hill.
    Cranford. 1984 R The House Of Bethany.
    A Letter From The General.   R The Centurion.

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