by Maurice McLoughlin

Sister Henry Myrtle Newbury
Sister Lucy Marjorie Stoneham
Sister Bridget Joy Newbold
Reverend Mother Iva Barr
Sister Magdalen Eileen Snell
Arthur Stilton, the British Consul Don Edwards
Ruth Stilton, his wife Sue Barker
Captain Lee Stephen Pilling
Father Schiller Peter Beck

Producer Frances Yunnie
Stage Managers Roland Cooke
Ronald Naylor
Hugo Newbury
Lighting Geoff Elsom
Ridley Billingham
Props Bill Newbold
Make-up Jose Fennell
and helpers
Prompt Pam Sellars
Costumes Gill Lees
Front of House Charles Spencer
Cath Mastin

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Priory Methodist Church Thursday 20th, 21st and 22nd November 1975
Extract from The Bedfordshire Times November 1975

The nuns hide the priest in a trunk. Left to right, Marjore Stoneham, Myrtle Newbury,
Joy Newbold, Iva Barr and Peter Beck.

How the nuns hid
a German priest


THERE is only one other aspect of play production as bad as over-acting - and that is under-acting.

It's an obvious statement, but sometimes it has to be made. And the great pity is that it has to be made at all.

Sadly this was the case with some actors in last week's production by the Wesley Players of A Letter from the General. And, unfortunately, this was made worse by one

or two who were not sure of their 'lines.

This particular, aspect meant that the pace of the play was much slower than it should have been when I saw it on the first night. And there was an added difficulty for the audience in that they had to adapt to the intermittent quicker paces of the actors who were confident.

The general story line is interesting. A nuns' mission in an eastern country 25 years ago is threatened by communist forces.


With the second world war still a bitter memory, there are added problems over hiding a German priest.

With such a plot one would expect plenty of reaction, particularly when the force captain is near discovering the priest, and the British Consul's wife threatens to reveal that she knows where he is.

But, unfortunately, any shock reactions were not as violent as they should have been. I know nuns are supposed to be mild-mannered, but they are human.

However, Iva Barr made a compassionate reverend mother, and Myrtle Newbury a forth-right Sister Henry.

But particularly liked Stephon Pilling as the hard-hearted Captain Lee and Sue Barker as the sarcastic Consul's wife.

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