by Bill Naughton

Daisy Nan Armitage
Florence Joy Newbold
Betsy Jane Gill Lees
Wilfred Martin Edwards
Harold Howard Moxon
Hilda Christine Elsom
Rafe George Lowther
Arthur Bill Moxon

Producer Margery Stoneham
Stage Manager Bill Moxon
Lighting Geoff Elsom
Properties Bill Newbold
Make-up Barbara Noble
  Jose Fennell
Prompt Barbara Noble
Front of house Charles Spencer (assisted by Fred Jackson, Peter beck and helpers)
Publicity John Woodward
Refreshments Marian Goddard and helpers
Confectionary JMA

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17th, 18th and 19th May 1973
Extract from The Bedfordshire Times by V.G.

'Port wine' has
touch of the

A COMMENDABLE degree of professionalism was achieved by members of Bedford's Wesley Players in their latest production "Spring and Port Wine."

This popular but difficult play by Bill Naughton was capably performed by the players at the Priory Methodist Church Hall, Bedford, on Thursday.

Despite a fairly small first night audience the cast did their best and worked as a team to produce a polished production.

There was no evidence of any first night nerves and the most striking thing was the remarkably relaxed appearance of the cast.

Because of this the audience too were able to relax and become involved in the trials and tribula-tions of the Crompton family.

The domineering Rafe Crompton was played by George Lowther and his wife Daisy by Nan Armitage, both of whom gave excellent performances.

Howard Moxon, who played Harold Crompton. came over well and was extremely funny. He could well act as a stand in for James Bolam of television's "The Likely Lads."

His brother Wilfred, played by Martin Edwards also did well. particularly in a difficult emotional scene in which he had to faint.

The hard and unemotional Florence was well portrayed by Joy Newbold and her sister Hilda by Christine Elsom.

The loud mouthed Betsy Jane was well played by Gill Lees and Bill Moxon as Arthur gave an impressive performance.

The open set without the use of a curtain was most acceptable and overcame fairly well the problems of having a front room and kitchen set on stage at the same time.

It made a pleasant change to see quiet and efficient stage hands and Barbara Noble and Jose Fennell made a good job of the make-up.

Performances were also given on Friday and Saturday.


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