by William Douglas Home

The Earl of Lister (Lord Lieutenant) Don Edwards
The Countess of Lister (his wife) Iva Barr
June Farrell (of the Amrican Embassy) Susan Barker
Bessie Gill Lees
Beecham Russ Heming
Lord Pym 9Lord Lister's son) Clive Argent
Lady Caroline Smith (Lord Lister's Sister) Joy NJewbold
Mr. J. Cleghorn Martin Edwards

Prompt Barbara Noble
Lighting Ridley Billingham
Properties Bill Newbold
Set Design & Construction Roland Cooke
Hugo Newbury
Bill Newbold
Ron Burgess
Make-up Jose Fennell
Prompt Pam Sellars
Production Peter beck
Front of House Cath Mastin

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Priory Methodist Church Thursday 25th, 26th and 27th November 1976
Extract from The Bedfordshire Times November 1976

Players face a
half empty house

THERE can be few things more disappointing and disheartening for an actor, whether amateur or professional, than for the curtains to open to reveal a half-full house.

For this reason I felt a lot of sympathy for the Wesley Players, who have been performing William Douglas Home's The Chiltern Hundreds, at Priory Methodist Church, Bedford.

On Friday night there were almost as many seats unoccupied as occupied, for a performance which deserved a much better attendance. The eight characters all worked hard at turning in a highly competent, lively and enthusiastic act.

The play deals with the domestic confusion surrounding an election which sees a candidate's parents voting for the opposite party. He has other problems in the shape of a bossy and bullying American fiancee, played by Susan Barker.

I don't envy anyone having to put on a drawling American accent for an entire evening, but Susan seemed to manage quite well.

As the Earl of Lister, Don Edwards played a blasé, self-effacing-character, but provided some funny moments.


Most convincing actor, in my book, was Russ Hemming as the servant Beecham. With his intrusions into his master's life, he gives a local newspaper a grossly exaggerated quote, about- the election result, and his strong opinions of the aristocracy he seemed a highly believable character.

I found The Chiltern Hundreds fairly amusing; but it fell quite a long way short of -the enjoyment reading which says "Hilarious". While not faulting the players, the play did seem a little bit slow-moving at times.


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