by Patrick B. Mace

Malachi Bill Davies
Miriam Barbara Noble
Susannah Vera Newbold
Sarah Christine Elsom
Joseph John Woodward
Muleteer Brian Stickland
Mary Myrtle Newbury
Micah Charles Spencer
Centurion Martin Edwards
Beggar Don Edwards
Eli Don Edwards

Costume Edith Allen
Peggy Durrant
Stage Staff Bill Newbold
Geoff Elsom
Music Helen Stickland
Brian Stickland
Members of the Junior Choir
Robert Snell
Production Tony Armstrong
Eileen Snell

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Oakley Methodist Church Tuesday 9th April 1974 and Priory Methodist Church Good Friday 12th April 1974
A questioning view of attitudes towards the Life of Christ.


The life of Jesus is seen through the eyes of his family; their horror at the circumstance of his birth and their disapproval of his doctrine. They are scandalised by his behaviour.

The Author, Patrick Mace, is also questioning the attitude of the family of Christ today. Although the family is under pressure and harrassed is is by no means a sad play and there is great joy expressed through sining of exhilerating music in excerpts from the musical "Godspell" and "Jesus Christ Superstar".
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