Every production that occurs requires more than the actors, it requires a lot of work behind the scenes during the lead up to the performand and then during it. There are a wide variety of tasks involved in the 'Backroom'.


Each time a new production is suggested the first person required is a producer. These people take on the casting, selecting the play and then carving a performance out of these to ensure a smooth run on the night. It is their time and effort that makes it work for everybody involved.


After the months of preparing for a performance, the many hours of learning lines and the positioning the various performers on the stage during the performance, it is inevitable that somewhere along the line somebody will forget a line or two. It takes a special person to follow the play line for line ready to prompt, with the forgotten line when it is required.

Make Up

Every successful play needs a variety of make up for the actors/actresses - it takes a special skill to do this job well.


Every good production requires the set to be lit during the play and for this to change as the play progesses. The people who perform this task sit in the murky background awaiting queue lines at which point a careful flick of a switch or gentle movement of a dimmer immediately transforms the setting.

Stage Management, Props and Set Design

Every production needs a set that has to be designed and created. With every production go the accessories that are required on stage, the props, that have to be acquired and then presemted at the correct time on each production night.

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