Every production needs a set that has to be designed and created. There is often a requirement for sound effects. With every production go the accessories that are required on stage, the props, that have to be acquired and then presented at the correct time on each production night. Often there is a team to manage the front of house as well. Those involved with this area include:

  • Derrick Stoneham
  • Bill Newbold
  • Hugo Newbury
  • Desmond 'Des' Smith
  • John Foulkes
  • Andrew Cook
  • Vera Newbold
  • David Eames
  • David Carter
  • Ron Burgess
  • Mark Lees
  • Marjorie Stoneham
  • Martin Edwards
  • Jeff Peake
  • Geoff Elsom
  • Charles Spencer
  • Fred Jackson
  • Bill Moxon
  • Peter Beck
  • Ronald Naylor
  • Roland Cooke
  • Catherine Mastin

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